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Father’s Day, 2020

Growing up, I remember being astounded whenever my dad demonstrated a new skill. Like the week my mom went on a work retreat, and he was suddenly doing all of the cooking. When did you learn that? Or the time he handed me a few wrinkled dollar bills that he’d found in my pocket while doing laundry. You do laundry?! Parents aren’t real people to their kids; they’re… well… just parents. They have their assigned roles, and anything they do outside of that mental box is amazing.

Even though my kids have grown up with me already cooking, cleaning, etc., I still manage to surprise them from time to time. My youngest was astonished when he found out I had friends outside of the family. That implied I had interests that had nothing to do with him at all! My eldest was watching some tween movie that used music I grew up with on the soundtrack, and she was stunned when I started singing along. How do you know this song?

When all is said and done, dads are just people. And people love getting gifts! Father’s Day is June 21, so order your Father’s Day mugs for one of your favorite people today!

1. Presenting

Provider, caretaker, or both, Dads kind of rock.

2. Blessings

There’s a silver lining to everything.

3. Accept No Substitutes

As a dad, getting this mug would prove I did something right, at least.

4. Priorities

Work is just something you do to support your family. Other professions are available.

5. Solid Foundation

The flip side to #4 above. It’s one of a dad’s jobs to help his kids succeed. Also like #4 above, other professions are available.

6. Because I Said So

Kids don’t think of the future, so sometimes we have to demand you just trust that we know what we’re talking about.

7. Midi-what?

Dads develop a unique skill set that makes them able to handle pretty much anything without going crazy.

8. Bonus

Humor aside, getting this sort of acknowledgement from your children is wonderful.

9. Warning Signs

Since I live next to a cemetery, I only had to glance meaningfully in that direction. Didn’t need the gun at all.

10. Technically Correct

It’s not why we do it, but it’s nice to celebrate it.

These are a sample of all of the fun Father’s Day mugs we have. Click that link to see the rest. And you can do a search for specific hobbies, professions, and other interests from our home page. U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so if you’re stuck deciding, get both and save some money!