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February Holidays

Happy 2019! We hope you all had a fun and safe holiday break.

Now that we’re all back to work, we’re looking ahead to February. Despite being the shortest month of the year, it is packed with all kinds of observations, memorials, and celebrations. It’s got Lincoln's birthday, Washington's birthday, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Black History Month, Presidents Day, and so many more. We’ve highlighted some of them below!

1. February 3: The Day the Music Died

On this day in 1959, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash. These iconic rock-n-rollers served as inspiration for an entire generation of musicians.

2. February 5: Chinese New Year

Goodbye Year of the Dog; hello Year of the Pig. I know some people like to keep pigs as pets, but here in the South, pork is a food group all on its own, and arguing over what constitutes “proper” barbecue is serious business.

3. February 11: Clean out Your Computer Day

They may be magic boxes, but they’re not infinite. Old programs, leftover bits from deleted files, emails… these can all erode your performance by slowly eating up the available memory. Make an appointment with your favorite computer wizard to give it a good cleaning.

4. February 14: Valentine's Day

The biggest and best known holiday of the month. Your sweetheart would appreciate a new coffee mug.

5. February 18: National Drink Wine Day

Some might argue that every day is Drink Wine Day, but for those of us without a lot of experience in it, it’s a good day to start learning more.

6. February 22: Walking the Dog Day

Again, probably something better done every day than just once a year.

7. National Children’s Dental Health Month

Good habits learned now will pay off a great deal in the future.

8. American Heart Month

Cardiovascular health is important, obviously, but we’d rather focus on the things that make our heart happy.

These are just a few of the mugs we have available for celebrating February! Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!