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Form Follows Function

Chicago, Tokyo, New York City, Dubai, Jakarta, London. Each of these cities has its own character, geography, and specialties, but they all have one thing in common…

An incredible skyline.

There’s an art to designing buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and yet fully serve their purpose. Of course, art is subjective, which is why there are so many different schools of architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright epitomized the Prairie Style, while William Van Alen was a master of Art Deco. Sometimes it can take decades before a building is fully appreciated. When the Eiffel Tower was first erected, it was considered an eyesore. Now it’s the premiere tourist attraction in Paris. (Fun fact: The Ferris Wheel was introduced at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago as competition to the Eiffel Tower, unveiled four years earlier.)

I studied architecture in college, and learned the seven principles that inform good design. If you’ve ever looked at a building and thought that something didn’t sit quite right, one of those principles was probably ignored. So-called “McMansions” are usually guilty of this. All of the pieces are there—columns, large windows, fancy cornices, multiple rooflines—but they have no rhyme or rhythm to them, or their ratio isn’t in keeping with the rest of the structure.

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1. Rivalry

There’s always trash-talking between architects and engineers, but they rely on each other. Architects to make things attractive, and engineers to make sure they stay up.

2. No Autographs

I remember how excited and proud I was when an ad I wrote was picked for a nationwide campaign. I can’t imagine how insufferable I’d be if a building I designed was a permanent part of the landscape.

3. Because cantilevering is awesome.

A building should engage visitors on multiple levels, and an architect should enjoy planning each one.

4. Specifications exist for a reason.

Because you don’t want reports about your namesake structure to be preceded by the words “The wreckage of…”

5. Follow Through

No construction goes through without any complications. It’s all well and good to design a great building, but you have to be ready to overcome last-minute obstacles and suggest changes in keeping with your original vision.

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