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Have you seen those Facebook accounts that have hundreds of friends listed? Not celebrities; just ordinary people. I always wonder about the breakdown. How many are from work? How many are family? How many are due to common interests? How many do they talk to on a regular basis?

Researchers tell us that our brains can only handle about 150 relationships. That’s everybody in your family, your very close friends, church friends, work friends, fellow hobbyists, etc. That’s not just knowing their names, but things like their birthdays, their favorite movie, a secret or two, trading favors, and the like.

When I joined Facebook, my only criteria for adding a friend was: Have I spoken to you in person more than once over the past year? I have six friends. I’m also an introvert. But as with so many other things, it’s not the quantity but the quality that counts. October 19 is National New Friends Day, so here are the eight types of friends you should have in your inner circle:

1. The Steadfast One

They listen to your stories, laugh at your jokes, and defend you even if you’re wrong. These are the friends that can see you at your worst and never judge.

2. The Mentoring One

They’ve been there, done that, and can help you get through it. They’re the ones you call for advice.

3. The Bold One

We all need someone to blast us out of our routine once in a while. These are the friends that encourage you to try new things and take chances.

4. The Work One

We all have to do it, but an office friend makes it easier to deal with bosses, meetings, and customers. Whether it’s swapping jokes at the coffee pot or complaining about the new HR policies over lunch, they make the work day go by faster.

5. The Opposite One

It’s very easy to surround ourselves with people just like us, which leads to narrow-mindedness and mistrust. Try to cultivate a friendship with someone from another country, political persuasion, religion, race, etc. NOT just because of that difference (no one wants to be a “token” friend), but to expand your understanding of other cultures.

6. The Neighborly One

On vacation and wondering if you locked your door? Ran out of an ingredient in the middle of cooking? Need to borrow a drill? These are the friends that are always there to lend a hand when you call.

7. The Brutally Honest One

Sometimes you need an outside perspective and someone who’ll deliver it to you straight. They’re never mean about it, but they don’t sugarcoat it, either.

8. The Furry One

No conditions. No complaints. No judgment. Your four-legged buddies are always thrilled to see you.

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