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From Prohibition to Abolition

On January 16th, 1919, the U.S. Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment, making it illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport alcoholic beverages. This immediately solved all social problems, cured poverty, and reduced the crime rate to 0%.

No. Of course it didn’t.

What it did do was give rise to organized crime, in the fact that the Mafia made its fortune from bootlegging operations. Famous gangster Al Capone is said to have remarked: “Whenever they outlaw something, they create a new business.”

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the repeal of Prohibition one of his presidential planks. It probably wasn’t the only thing that got him elected, but it sure didn’t hurt. The next year, the Twenty-first Amendment was ratified, overturning the Eighteenth.

December 5 is Repeal Day, when we celebrate the right to have a drink with friends, enjoy a glass of wine at supper, or make our own home brews. What’s your favorite adult beverage?

1. On Tap

With national brands, international brands, microbrews, and home brews, a beer lover will never run out of new ones to try. More beer mugs are here.

2. Off the Vine

The conventional wisdom is red with meat, white with fish, but you do whatever you want. Personally, I cook with it more than I drink it. Find more wine mugs here.

3. Just a Little

The first use of the word “vodka” was in 1405, and means “little water.”

4. Island Hopping

Rum was the biggest industry in Colonial North America, with Rhode Island rum even being used as currency for a short while. It's probably most associated with pirates, though. Other piratical mugs are here.

5. Or Bourbon

Or “whisky” It all depends on where you’re from, and there are plenty of varieties for everyone to have a favorite. Or argue about. Whichever you prefer. Find more whiskey mugs here.

6. On the Go

A lot of alcoholic beverages are consumed in shots. Be prepared for the next bar party. Or start one.

7. Counselor

A stereotype of the bartender is that they have the perfect advice for whatever problem you’re facing. Maybe at your local hole in the wall. Probably not Applebee’s.

Yes, these are supposedly coffee mugs, but it’s not like we’re going to come around and check. Put whatever you want in there. If you order two or more mugs, you also get free shipping, which saves you money for the next round!