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Funny Coffee Mugs That Speak Truth (So You Don't Have To)

You know that whether it's at work or at Thanksgiving with your grandparents, there are just some things you can't say in polite company. And while even the best of us fantasize about turning off our mouth filters and being 100% honest, we bite our tongues for the sake of keeping the peace.

Fortunately for us, our coffee mugs don't need to have quite the same restraint.

Here are 7 mugs that aren't keeping their feelings secret. Finally, a way to express yourself without having to actually say a word.


1. What This Mug Says For You: "Sarcasm is my native language and I will use it."

Just because you're a professional doesn't mean you can't have a razor-sharp wit.

Classy Sassy & Smart Assy Mug

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2. What It Says For You: "This is DEFINITELY wine."

Because preemptive denial isn't suspicious at all.

Definitely Not Wine Mug

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3. What It Says For You: "I enjoy a good play on words and also coffee."

Expect lots of double-takes and references to someone named Mary Jane.

Addicted to Pot Mug

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4. What It Says For You: "My beard picked out this mug for me."

My beard was also manly enough to slap the razor out of my hand when I reached for it.

Shaving Mug, Red Version

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5. What It Says For You: "No, I will not work over the weekend."

Or, alternatively: "No, you cannot start your day at 3PM and go home at 4PM."

World's Best Boss Mug

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6. What It Says For You: "This meeting should have been an email."

Also works for dramatic friends, gossipy coworkers, and family gatherings!

No Time For Bullshit Mug

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7. What It Says For You: "Read the mug again before you bother me."

Sometimes being direct is the only way to go.

Not Always A Bitch Mug

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There. Doesn't it feel good to get that off your chest?

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