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“Go fly a kite!”

An insult to some, an awesome weekend plan for others. From easy diamond kites to intricate parafoils, kites combine the best of origami, engineering, and artistry.

When I was little, kids’ magazines and cereal boxes would occasionally have a kite cut-out. These were usually some cartoon mascot or generic animal print. I’d carefully glue the page to a thin piece of cardboard, cut along the dotted lines, punch out the holes, add a couple of sticks or straws to give it the curve, tie on a tail, and run like a maniac around the backyard, trying to get the goofy thing aloft.

Never did.

Consequently, I never paid any attention to the kite section of the local hobby store. I’d moved on to model rockets, then graduated to role playing games, then discovered girls. It wasn’t until I had kids that kites became a thing again. Our city had an annual kite celebration every March, when the winds pushed better weather in, and it was a fun way to spend an afternoon outdoors.

Whether you’re treating the kids or grandkids to their own aeronautical weekends, or build big box kites for competitions, check out our Kite Flying mugs!

1. Can’t Fight Your Nature

There are kite manufacturers charging $1000 or more for their products. Those are not mere hobbyist prices.

2. Does Cussing Count?

We’ve all seen those people, the ones who effortlessly get into the air and swoop around like “no big deal.” Teach us your secrets, o masters.

3. Give Parafoils a Chance

Make love, not war! On the other hand, it could just be a friendly rivalry between people who kite and people who have a little personal drone. Reminds me of the arguments my friends would have over model rockets versus model airplanes.

4. Tab A into Slot B

As I said above, there’s a lot of complicated work that goes into making a good kite. Not only in choosing the right construction materials, but also math!

5. Needs More Guns

If you’ve ever seen a battle kite competition, you’ve seen how fiercely testosteronial it can get. Guys will weaponize anything, is what I’m saying.

These are just a few of the kite flyer mugs we stock. If you’d like to customize a mug with your favorite model, we can do that, too!