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Gold Watches

That’s the cliché about retiring. It’s kind of ironic that a timepiece would be the gift when you no longer have a schedule.

Of course, people don’t just stop after they retire. On the contrary, now they have the time to do all of those things they’ve been putting off, such as the garden, home repair, travel, volunteering, and more. Even if you just want to stay home and relax, retirement still takes a good bit of planning. Stocks and bonds seem to be the preferred method, though pensions, 401ks, and other accounts certainly have their place. All of that is way beyond the scope of these light-hearted little blog posts, so let’s move on.

The third Week of October is National Retirement Security Week, so have a look at some of our retirement mugs!

1. Legacies

Hopefully, your former office mates remember you for successes. But infamy is a sort of fame, too, so...

2. Uninterrupted

It’s nice when all of your days are on a weekend schedule.

3. Not Slowing Down

Retirement doesn’t mean you stop working. It just means that you get to choose what to work on.

4. The Simplest Org Chart

If retirement only has one thing to recommend it, it’s not having to deal with middle management. Also available with “Husband.”

5. No Excuses

How many times have you said “I’ll get to it later.”? Guess what? It’s later.

They may not be a gold watch, but these mugs also make great gifts for retirees. You can see more by clicking HERE. Do you meet with a group of other done-with-workers? Maybe for coffee? Remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!