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Good for what Ails You

You know the ℞ symbol you see in pharmacies and on prescription labels? It stands for the Latin “recipere,” which means “to take.” The origin of the symbol is subject to debate, but most historians agree that its current form was first used in medieval manuscripts.

The first recorded prescriptions were found on a clay tablet in Mesopotamia, which was dated to around 2100 B.C. The first drugstores were established in Baghdad in the eighth century A.D., and there were similar facilities in ancient China.

No matter the culture, no one likes suffering from disease or pain. Throughout history, there have been people dedicated to finding treatments and cures. January 12 is National Pharmacist Day, so head down to your local pharmacy to say thank you. Perhaps with one of our pharmacist mugs!

1. No Mixing

I don’t think anyone could blame you. Just don’t take your work home with you when you do.

2. Good Plan

And officers can arrest you, and tech support can hack you, and... look, just be nice to everyone, okay?

3. Skeptical

You do know that a pharmacist has a doctorate, right? They have a pretty good knowledge of what’s an allergen and what isn’t.

4. The Good Kind of Spontaneity

Role playing is fine as long as you don’t actually believe you’re Napolean.

5. Helping Hands

Back to #2 above, you should also be nice to the techs that are helping behind the counter.

This is just a small sample of the more than 70 pharmacist mug designs we offer. Can’t decide? Remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so you can get both!