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Heads or tails? Which to eat first?

Easter is almost here! I was always excited to wake up on Easter morning and find out what kind of goodies were in the basket. A giant chocolate rabbit was a given, and if you were lucky, it was solid rather than hollow. Marshmallows and sour candy and bubble gum; we’d scarf down three pounds of sugar and then were expected to be quiet and still in church. Yeah… like that was gonna happen. Our church eventually let the kids do a giant egg hunt during the service to avoid disruptions. I guess our parents figured that grass stains on the new clothes was an okay trade-off for an hour of quiet.

Whether Easter is your favorite holiday because of the religious aspect, or you’re just a candy fanatic, enjoy the celebration with one of our great Easter mugs!

1. Don’t leave them in a hot car.

The classic treat. Sugar-sprinkled marshmallow-y goo. We’d always argue over whether the pink or yellow ones were better.

2. Roll away the stone.

For many people, candy doesn’t enter into the celebration at all.

3. Why not both?

Fine. I’ll go to church on Sunday, and hit the sales of the leftover candy on Monday to stock up.

4. While you’ve got the dishwasher open…

Keep the fun going all year by hiding eggs under piles of dirty clothes, in the toy box, etc.

5. Mom’s Best Easter

Because after dealing with hyperactive kids all day, you deserve your own celebration.

These are just a few of the Easter mugs we have available. And remember, we can always customize a mug for you, too!