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Heart to Heart

At an average 75 beats per minute, your heart pumps 108,000 times a day. That’s over 3.1 billion beats in an 80-year lifespan. Wouldn't it be nice if more things were that reliable?

To maintain that reliability, though, we have to keep up with the maintenance. We can put all kinds of stress on our hearts through poor diets, watching scary movies, arguing about politics or religion, or driving in rush hour. More exercise and less stress is the key to keeping that systolic/diastolic rhythm going.

February is American Heart Month, so if you made New Year’s resolutions for better health choices, keep it up! We can help you stay committed with some great heart mugs!

1. Dreams vs. Reality

Lawyers know. You have to have rules that protect the fruits of your efforts.

2. Code Blue

Got a favorite nurse or doctor in your life? Celebrate their metaphorical and literal skills with this fun mug.

3. No Bait Required

Keeping your heart healthy is good for those who love you, too.

4. 1 Up!

Enjoy some of the good things in life, like coffee! The heart on this mug changes color as you drink.

5. You Know Who

Everybody has that one person they look at like this. Let them know!

These are just a few of the heart mugs we stock. Be sure to check out all of our collections to find special designs that commemorate those things you hold dear.