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Hey, Man

Accounting for half of the world’s population, chances are that you know a man. You might even be one. We could argue forever about what “being a man” really means. Do you have to know how to hunt? Fix a car? Watch sports? Surely we’re not all as clueless as sitcoms and commercials make us out to be.

November 19th is International Men’s Day, an observance meant to—among other things—celebrate positive male role models. This year, why not acknowledge the men in your life with some small token. Just a little something, like, say…a mug!

No matter what kind of man your man is, we’ve got the perfect gift for him.

1. The Bearded One

Throwing down a challenge right out of the gate. Sporting a magnificent face-bear is a true sign of manliness to some.

2. The Reader

When I go on vacation, I take more books than clothes. I was extremely happy when e-readers hit the market, because I could leave one suitcase at home.

3. The Traveler

Speaking of vacations, some men just can’t sit still. Always heading off to somewhere new and bringing back awesome pictures of their adventures. This mug is for them.

4. The Laz...uh...Efficient One

He’s the guy that always knows the shortcuts. He puts forth minimum effort for maximum return.

5. The Entrepreneur

He starts a new business every other week, it seems like. But he works hard, and they all thrive.

6. The Dad

Whether partnered or single, he’s there for his kids every day; helping with homework, driving everyone to practices, and making corny jokes.

7. The Crafty One

Some men have a wood shop; some men have a sewing machine. It’s the act of creation that’s important, not the medium.

8. The Communicator

And then there are the diplomats among us.

9. The Scholar

He’s an expert in his field, with the extra letters after his name to prove it.

10. The Lucky Duck

We all know that one guy that gets away with everything, hits the big payoffs, and falls into success without even trying. Get this mug for him, and a bunch of #8 for everyone around him.

Didn’t see anything that works for your guy? Check out all of our mugs here. You can also customize a mug for the man that’s hard to shop for.