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Idle Hands

What do you do for fun? That thing you can’t wait to get back to after work or on the weekend. Everybody has something that occupies their leisure time. It might be a particular game, or collecting something, or doing puzzles, or reading. It seems, though, that most hobbies involve creating something. People like to have tangible results for their efforts.

Some lucky folks have a whole separate space they can retreat to when it’s hobby time. Metal and wood workers usually get the garage, model builders claim basements, and textile fans transform a spare bedroom. The more sociable/competitive hobbyists might form a club and meet regularly, especially if their hobby – board games for example – requires more than one person.

January is National Hobby Month, so celebrate your favorite off-work activity with a new hobby mug!

1. Did You See what I Saw

From toys to furniture to decks to boats, woodworkers turn out some amazing things.

2. Just Needling You

One of the more portable hobbies, so you can work on that project at the doctor’s office or DMV.

3. Can You Dig It

The fun thing about metal detecting is that you can do it anywhere. Beaches are popular. Fields are another good place, especially if they’ve been tilled recently.

4. Heads or Tails

You can look for them yourself (see #3 above), or you can buy them from other collectors.

5. Paper Mâché Mountains

Sure, there’s a lot more to model building than just the trains, but that’s what everyone thinks of first.

Those are just a few of the hobby mugs we carry. You can search for your particular hobbies from our home page. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!