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If you build it…

A friend of mine is a master carpenter. He can take some lumber and a few tools and churn out heirloom-quality furniture. Another friend is a blacksmith. Yet another is a mechanical engineer.

I think we all have the drive to create. Some people build cathedrals. Some people build birdhouses. Some people build birdhouses that look like cathedrals. They all have their place. You could argue that the highest form of creation is having children, but beyond making new humans, there’s something in us that wants to take raw material and shape it into something. It might not be useful; it might not be pretty; but it’s ours and we like it.

Everybody has that friend that plays guitar, or paints, or has a garage workshop, or knits, or writes. You may be that friend for someone else. It might be a hobby; it might be your job. March is National Crafting Month, so however you scratch that maker’s itch, we have mugs for you!

1. Purls of Wisdom

If you can turn out a scarf or hat while watching a television show, this mug’s for you.

2. Attention to Detail

When your dreams exceed your storage space, you can always go smaller.

3. Screw it!

If you need a game board, bookshelf, dining table, or house, cozy up to a carpenter.

4. Warp-ed Priorities

If you sew, you know the frustration of trying to find fabrics with that perfect pattern. A weaver can rescue you.

5. In the Air

It’s not tangible, but a catchy tune will outlast a lot of physical things. The car I drove in high school has long been scrapped, but I still listen to the music from then.

These are just a few of the crafty mugs we have in stock. You can also search for more on our home page!