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The spectrum of wine drinkers ranges from “only cooks with it” to “we have a wine cellar bigger than our house.” Most folks fall in the middle, enjoying a glass with a meal, or in the evening before bed. Everyone has their favorites, and it’s fun to argue whether professional tasters are making it up as they go. That being said, you should always give some weight to the recommendations of a sommelier, as they want you to fully enjoy the selections. It used to be red wine for meat and white wine for fish, end of story, but that’s no longer seen as a hard and fast rule.

People may debate over letting it breathe or chilled vs. room temperature or proper storage techniques, but everyone agrees that there are certain situations where wine is called for. February 18 is National Drink Wine Day, so here are some wine mugs with suggestions!

1. After Your Shift

Work can be frustrating, for sure, and no one wants to take that home with them. A glass of your favorite wine can help ease the transition.

2. With Friends

You may be out on the town for the night, or just gathered in someone’s den. It’s the time together that’s important, not the place.

3. When The Kids Are Finally Asleep

Every parent craves “me” time, when they don’t have to be a parent (as rewarding as it is). Indulging in an “adult” beverage is one way to treat yourself.

4. When It’s Quiet Time

The last hour before bed; a long weekend; when you finally finish that big task.

5. Any Reason Is A Good Reason

You always have the perfect wine for any occasion, give out bottles as gifts, and act as a consultant for your friends.

To see the rest of our wine mug collection, click HERE. Ordering something else at the bar? You can search for your favorite beverage using the tools on our home page. U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, too. That’s money that can go towards your next bottle!