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International Beer Day

Yes, there’s that little party in Germany in a few months, but August 3 is International Beer Day, a day to celebrate this tasty beverage no matter which country you’re in.

Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world, with records and references dating back at least 7000 years. With the vast number of breweries, ingredients, and brewing methods in use around the planet, it is safe to say that you could drink 10 different beers a day for the rest of your life and never drink the same one twice.

So whether you favor ales, porters, stouts, or lagers; foreign or domestic; hitting your local brewpub or brewing your own at home, be ready to celebrate with one of our great beer mugs! (Because it’s only a coffee mug if you put coffee in it.)

1. Good Provider

And the beer helps me tolerate the office. It’s a win-win.

2. One of those days

Once I’ve gotten one, then you can tell me what’s wrong.

3. Positive Reinforcement

Why work so hard at something if there’s no payoff?

4. Efficiency

Oh, did you want some of this, too? The waitress is right over there.

5. Know Your Role

Everyone has a part to play in making the night a success.

6. A Method to the Madness

I have a friend that homebrews. My favorite texts from him read: “New recipe. Come tell me what you think.”

7. Logic

Sure, it’s a 10,000-calorie salad, but it still counts.

8. Three Wishes

Do you really need anything else?

9. Hop to it

Started by European brewers around the 9th century AD, using hops to flavor beer is relatively recent.

10. A Little Extra

Because nobody puts a splash of beer into their coffee. And if they do, they need to stop.

These are just a few examples of the huge selection of beer mugs we have in stock. Remember, US and Canada orders get free shipping with the purchase of two or more mugs!