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International Coffee Day!

October 1 is circled on our calendar. How about yours? That’s the day all of us java junkies get to celebrate our love of all things coffee! My local go-to shop will be offering samples of beans from all over the world, and I’m looking forward to trying out some new brews. It’s a nice place to hang out in general; this promotion will just make it better.

One of the cool things they do for regulars is give a discount if you bring your own mug or tumbler, because it saves wash water and cuts down on the number of to-go cups they have to buy. If your favorite coffee house doesn’t do the same, ask them to start! Head in there with a brand new mug from and point out the savings potential!

Have a look at some of our great mug collections:

1. Profession Mugs

Our most popular mugs by far! We have mugs and tumblers for lawyers, doctors, accountants, teachers, and many more!

2. Hobby Mugs

Quick! What do quilting, kite flying, and knife making all have in common? They’re all hobbies we have mugs for!

3. Inspirational Mugs

Sometimes you need a little more than caffeine to keep going. We have a whole set of inspiring mugs to give you that extra push.

4. Animal Mugs

If some of your kids walk on all fours, we’ve got mugs for you. Dogs, cats, horses, elephants, and more!

5. Monogrammed Mugs

Stake your claim with one of our monogrammed mugs.

6. First Name Mugs

For when Julie, Joe, Justin, Jennifer, and Javier keep arguing about who that “J” mugs belongs to.

7. Novelty Mugs

Transforming graphics, limited editions, hand painted, and more!

8. Tumblers

For when you need your fix on the go.

Don’t let your newest favorite holiday sneak up on you. Order a fun mug today so you’ll have it in time. Remember, U.S. orders get free shipping with the purchase of two or more mugs, so get a whole set for your kaffeeklatsch!