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International Coffee Day, 2020

If you’re a coffee drinker, or know one, you can enjoy your favorite caffeine delivery system with the rest of the world on October 1! We here at Mugdom have found that any excuse to celebrate with coffee is a good excuse, so we have hundreds of suggestions for you ranging from funny to sweet, practical to profane, and more. A short list is below.

1. Coffee with Friends

What’s better than getting together with your friends to gossip, commemorate, or complain? Good coffee makes the get-together even more satisfying.

2. Funny Mugs

It’s important to keep a sense of humor about things. If you’re up way earlier than you prefer, this mug knows how you feel.

3. Novelty Mugs

If you’re the quirky one in your group, embrace it with one of our novelty mugs.

4. Tumblers

Get up and get moving. Coffee helps with the first; our tumblers help with the second.

5. Hobbies

Show off the things you enjoy doing with a mug designed around your hobby, because nobody wants an “I’d Rather Be at the Office” mug.

6. Monogrammed Mugs

A simpler option to mark your personal mug is to get one of our monograms. There are several patterns to choose from.

7. Camera Lens Mug

One of the more detailed mugs we offer. A perfect gift for the photographers in your group.

8. Anime Mugs

It is a huge industry. Chances are that you know someone who enjoys anime. We have mugs from several popular series.

9. Coffee Art

And if you’d rather make your own decorations, we can help with that, too.

10. Handcrafted Mugs

Simple. Timeless. Beautiful. Your coffee break doesn’t require a generic mug. Go upscale.

These are just some of the collections we offer. You can do a more specific search for your favorites at our home page. Don’t be afraid to stock up, because U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That saves you enough for some new beans!