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It’s All Relative

If you’re an only child, you never had to share your toys or bedroom, but you also didn’t have anyone to share blame or chores. If you have a brother or sister, you rarely got privacy, or had to take them with you wherever you went, but someone had your back and could help with housework or school assignments.

Anytime people live together, there will be clashes of opinion. That’s just part of being a sibling, and hopefully it leads to funny family stories and not a clan feud. If someone is a witness to some of your most embarrassing moments, you probably don’t want to antagonize them too much, anyway.

The third week of February is Brotherhood/Sisterhood week. Show them that, despite the arguments, they’re still cherished.

1. Defenders

Just because brothers and sisters fight sometimes doesn’t mean anybody can join in.

2. Suck It Up

You can’t pick your relatives, so hopefully you get along and joke around with yours.

3. Favoritism

Competition makes everyone strive to be better.

4. Whose Turn is It?

And if your sibling is identical, you get to be a soap opera stereotype.

5. Roles

Speaking of stereotypes, most households with three kids seem to fall into this pattern.

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