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It’s What You Make of It

When I first graduated from college, I couldn’t afford a really nice place. I wasn’t living in squalor or anything; there were just lots of little defects that added up. When I had people over, they were surprised to find nice furniture and décor inside. I used to tell them “It’s a shoddy house, but a nice home.”

That’s the difference between the two words, even though a lot of people use them as synonyms. A house is a physical structure, while a home is more of an abstract concept. And it means different things to everyone.

December 3 is National Roof Over Your Head Day. Take a moment to be thankful that you have a house (and maybe donate to a charity that helps others find one, too), but also celebrate those things that make it a home. Check out these examples!

1. The Default

This is most people’s first concept of home, where Mom is there to take care of you. It might be a different family member for you. We have mugs for them, too.

2. Physical Fitness

Home plate. Home court. Home field advantage. Teams tend to play better when they’re hosting the game.

3. Cerebral Fitness

Not everyone is physical in their games. Some prefer strategy over scoring.

4. Hobbies

It’s right there in the name: Home Brewing. But we all have hobbies that make us happy, and just need a place to do them.

5. Critters

A whole lot of people own pets of one sort or another, and they can provide just as much comfort and companionship as a person.

These are just a few examples of the different ways you can define “home.” What does it mean to you? You can always search for that at our home page. Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so pick up mugs for the whole family!