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January Holidays

We’ve wrapped up our December highlights, and since all of our customers are on the ball and have finished every bit of their Christmas preparations (pause for laughter), we’re looking ahead to January. Here are a few things to celebrate in the New Year!

1. National Blood Donor Month

It’s the original renewable resource. Donations are always needed, so volunteer some time and platelets!

2. National Hobby Month

Winter is a great time to indulge in your hobbies, and we have mugs for a lot of them. Follow the link to find specific collections in our blog posts.

3. National Hot Tea Month

Being from the South, I’m more of an iced tea than hot tea drinker, but I certainly won’t begrudge anyone their favorite. We have collections ranging from tea for two to a full service.

4. National Pharmacist Day – Jan 12

Yes, the doctor examines you and makes treatment decisions, but it’s your pharmacist that makes sure you get the right meds. They deserve a big thank you.

5. National Spouse’s Day – Jan 26

They put up with you every day, so don’t acknowledge that only on your anniversary.

6. Fun at Work Day – Jan 28

It seems like a contradiction, but we spend a third of our lives at work. May as well try to have fun while we’re there.

This is just a small selection of January holidays. If you have personal celebrations to commemorate, we have mugs to help! Check out our huge collection here!