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June Celebrations

Yes, May just started today. Consider this a heads-up so you can have a fantastic new mug shipped to you in time for your favorite summer activities.

Everyone is aware of the big happenings in June—the summer solstice, Flag Day, Father’s Day—but it is filled with all kinds of great holidays and fun celebrations, some of which may not be on your radar. Take a look at some of these special commemorations:

1. Gay Pride Month

All anybody wants is someone to love and care for, and LGBTQ folks deserve it just as much as anyone else. We should celebrate love wherever we find it.

2. Dairy Month

If you take your coffee with cream or milk, June is the month to thank a cow! Or, you know, the dairy industry as a whole.

3. Adopt a Cat Month

If you’re lucky, one of these creatures will deign to share its house with you and allow you to pamper it.

4. National Gardening Week (June 1-7)

It would be nice if it only took a week to grow a successful garden, but the fresh herbs and veggies or beautiful flowers are worth the effort.

5. National Automotive Service Professionals Week (June 10-16)

There are three things everyone needs in life: a good doctor, a good lawyer, and a good mechanic. As much time as we spend in our cars, thank the folks that keep them running.

6. Nursing Assistants Week (June 11-18)

Nurses are awesome, but so are their assistants. They’re the ones that handle the details so the patients can get the attention they need.

7. National Trails Day (June 2)

Get back to nature! Whether it’s just a simple day hike or a weeklong backcountry excursion, take a break from the electronics, traffic, and responsibilities.

8. Hot Air Balloon Day (June 5)

120 years before the Wright brothers got their flyer into the air, the Montgolfier brothers introduced the world to the hot air balloon. It’s something everyone should try at least once.

9. Sewing Machine Day (June 13)

Sewing is my hobby. There’s something very satisfying in being able to hem and repair clothes, make new curtains, or have a messenger bag with pockets in exactly the right places.

These are just a few of the special days celebrated in June. If one of your favorites isn’t on the list, you can search for a specific mug here. On the off-chance we don’t have one in stock, you can always have a mug customized with your choice of text and pictures!