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Jurassic Perk

Get it? Dinosaurs? Coffee? Oh well…

In anticipation of a certain movie franchise releasing its next film in June, we’re highlighting our too-awesome-to-go-extinct dinosaur mugs!

I think every kid goes through a dinosaur phase, and really, we never totally lose that fascination. Not only do the dinosaurs themselves show up repeatedly in pop culture, we have a whole subgenre of “giant monster” films which were obviously inspired by the ancient beasts. My hypothesis, though I’ve never seen any actual studies, is that stories of dragons were triggered by the discovery of dinosaur fossils.

While dragons are sadly entirely mythological, we can still oooh and ahhh over the awesome power of these “thunder lizards.”

1. Back off!

Sometimes you just have to take a stand and protect your turf.

2. Tailgaters Beware

I would totally ride a stegosaurus to work. And it’s an herbivore, so I wouldn’t have to worry about my neighbor’s dogs.

3. Smug Mug

Sure, it’s easy to point and laugh now. When your species has been around for 180 million years, then you can talk.

4. It’s a Conspiracy

Of all of the crazy theories out there, at least this one shows a good deal of foresight.

5. Just because you can

While I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing any allosaurs at the watering hole, I did read about an effort to clone woolly mammoths in an attempt to expand the elephants’ habitats.

6. So Lonely

Poor dinosaur. No one to talk to.

These are just a few of the cool dinosaur mugs we offer. Didn’t see your favorite ’saur? No problem! We can customize a mug just for you!