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Just Because

When’s the best time to get a gift? At random. You expect to get things on your birthday, at Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day if you’re a parent, and we’ve got mugs for all of those. However, nothing beats that great feeling when a gift shows up out of the blue for no other reason than that someone was thinking about you.

August 27 is Just Because Day. Surprise your bestie with a new coffee mug! We have mugs for all kinds of professions and hobbies, or you could just celebrate your friendship!

1. The Classic

Whatever your reason for being friends – similar hobbies, favorite books, together against the world – enjoy your coffee along with your companionship.

2. Keeping Us Humble

Real friends stay with us despite our occasional idiocy. But they never let us forget it, either.

3. Keep Your Friends Close

As they say, a good friend will help you move; a great friend will help you move the body.

4. Catalyst

Hopefully, you’ll use your combined friendship powers for good. If not, at least for good stories.

5. So There

They’re not just my best friend, they’re the best friend.

6. Personalized

Our friends are there to offer advice. If you’ve come to rely on it, let them know!

7. Monogrammed

You don’t have to focus on their hobby or profession; you can just celebrate the person! All of the letters, lots of different designs.

These are just some of the fun and funny friendship mugs we have available. You can also get any of our designs on custom T-shirts for you and your BFF!