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Just Keep Swimming

I suppose it was inevitable that I learned to swim. Half my family owned a beachfront motel, so…you know…ocean. And when they remodeled they put a pool in, and to be able to clean it you had to know how not to drown while doing so. Having to work during a break wasn’t the best motivator, but that whole not dying thing was nice.

It’s estimated that almost 90% of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of a sea. Not surprising when you consider that we live on a water planet. If that’s your recreation or means of travel or the source of your food, it’s probably a good idea to know how to get around in it. Even landlocked areas generally have swimming pools somewhere.

The last benefit to knowing how to swim is that a whole lot of high school and college parties take place at a pool or lake or beach. Hanging out with pretty people wearing not much clothing has a lot to recommend it.

May 16 is National Learn to Swim Day, and wouldn’t you know it, we have swim mugs!

1. Routine

This sounds like a nice way to spend a week or two. I think we call that “vacation.”

2. The Cost

If I could swim to the office, that would help a little bit.

3. Bait

Be on the lookout for hooks. Otherwise, enjoy your tasty snack!

4. The Paddling Dead?

And it’s a handy way to get to your island compound. You do have an island compound, right?

5. Encouragement

If I was a swim coach, I wouldn’t be able to resist shouting things like “Get gills!” or “Grow flippers!” I would not be a very effective swim coach.

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