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Labor of Love

They say that the difference between work and hobbies is whether or not you get paid for doing it. Now, some people are lucky in that they can make a living off of their hobby. For the rest of us, however, the line between work and fun is pretty clear.

All that being said, have you ever known people who work harder on their hobby than they do at their job? It’s amazing how much energy and enthusiasm we suddenly have when it comes to doing something we want to do.

Hobbies can be creative, such as painting or sculpting; practical, such as woodworking or car restoration; active, such as playing a sport or hiking; social, such as karaoke; or solitary, such as sewing or writing. Whatever form it takes, everybody has a drive to do, to make, or to experience something outside of their “nine to five.”

January is National Hobby Month, so celebrate that drive with a fun hobby mug!

1. Collecting

Stamps, coins, figurines, etc. Everyone has that thing that they just think is neat, and we enjoy finding different examples of it.

2. Active

Outdoor hobbies can counter having to sit at a desk all day. Get up and get moving!

3. Restoring

Cars and furniture tend to be the most popular for restoration. Correcting damage and neglect to make something beautiful again is very satisfying.

4. Social

These hobbies get you and your friends get together. You might be going out to a club, or you might gather around a gaming table. Wherever you are, enjoy it!

5. Creative

Even if you never plan on selling the results of your creative efforts, you’ve brought something into the world that wasn’t there before, and that’s cool.

Didn’t see your hobby listed? You can search for it from our home page. We are always adding new designs, so keep checking back. If your hobby involves other people, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping, so you can get mugs for everyone!