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Laugh and the World Laughs with You

I’m a fan of bad jokes, worse puns, shaggy dog stories, and satire. I believe that humor is absolutely essential to getting along in this world. It’s easy enough to find news that angers or depresses you, so investing a couple of hours in watching a comedy or reading funny web sites is worthwhile.

August 16 is National Tell a Joke Day. Hopefully, you won’t stop there. If you’re one of those humor-impaired folks that always messes up the punchline, we have funny mugs that will do the work for you!

1. It’s in the Air

If love won’t keep us together, duct tape will.

2. Bard of the Beans

I’m definitely not funny until after I get my caffeine. And you all aren’t, either.

3. Apathy

They say the best jokes have a kernel of truth in them.

4. Guidelines

But when I get a refill, it starts all over.

5. First World Problems

Some of the funniest jokes are profane. On the other hand, it’s helped out on those inter-office emails.

6. The Opposite of Humor

It seems that no matter how happy-go-lucky you try to be, real life finds a way to mess it up. And it usually involves work. We have a huge collection of “I used to smile” mugs.

This is just a very brief sample of the funny mugs we have available. Actually, most of our stock is funny—that’s kind of what we do. Check out our whole collection here. And you can keep the comedy going away from the break room with our custom T-shirts!