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Laying Down the Law

Nobody knows exactly how many federal laws there are in the United States. Estimates range from 15,000 to 50,000. Even if we’re on the low end of that guess, that’s still a whole lot of legality to wade through. What are the chances that you never break any of those laws, do you think? We haven’t even started considering state, county, and town laws.

Now that we’ve established that we are all a bunch of law-breaking hoodlums, maybe it’s time to find a lawyer. Whatever section of the law code you’re breaking most, there’s an attorney who specializes in it. I’d probably need a copyright lawyer because my business involves writing, but I have my eye on a houseboat for sale, so I anticipate a life of piracy—and the need for a maritime lawyer—in the future.

May 1 is Law Day, so if you have an attorney protecting your interests, defending you, or who’s part of your social circle, surprise them with one of our great Lawyer mugs!

1. JD, not URL

You’re not going to win this argument. Why even try?

2. Confidence

Every business guru will tell you that speaking with assurance primes your audience to believe what you tell them.

3. Manic

You might be a high-profile corporate attorney in a big city. You might be a one-person office doing everything by yourself.

4. Job Description

Again: thousands of laws. This is why your attorney specializes.

5. Prime the Pump

You pour coffee in, and legal expertise comes out. It’s amazing!

6. Simply Stated

As pervasive as the law is in our lives, maybe it should be listed first.

7. Shhh

Anyone that does marketing may as well have an NDA as part of their standard contract. You’re going to be signing one 95% of the time, anyway.

8. Conditions Apply

Hey, we think you’re great, but this statement should not be mistaken for a valid claim.

9. High Bar

(Sorry for the pun.) Our society tends to put lawyers on a pedestal. There are ways to meet one without being a multiple offender.

10. Grunt Work

Don’t forget the paralegals that research and prepare everything the big names need.

We have many more Attorney mugs for you to check out. Pages and pages of them, as a matter of fact. If you know several lawyers and need more than one mug, remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. And when attorneys are involved, getting something for free is great!