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Leather Crafting

There’s a timeless look and feel to leather goods. A nice leather messenger bag or jacket will last forever, and fancy ornamental tack attracts envious attention. There is a world of difference in having a professionally-made leather item, even for something as simple as a belt or wallet, not to mention artisanal goods like leather mugs or a custom knife sheath.

If you are or know a leather worker, our leather crafting mugs make great gifts!

1. Actions Speak Loudly

No no, just take my word for it.

2. Look Closer

It’s always nice to have permission.

3. Customer Notice

If I make the belt smaller, it won’t fit, but I can etch a smaller number on it.

4. A Perfect Pairing

Whether you’re hitting the boardwalk or shooting a music video, it’s a classic look.

5. Briar Patch

Every crafty person hates this punishment. Really. Just ask us.

This is just part of our selection of leather crafting mugs. And don’t forget, you can always design a custom mug for your favorite leather worker, too!