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Let’s Boogie

In my circle of friends, I’m the music guy. I’m the one that can be counted on to find the right songs for any occasion, who quotes lyrics in casual conversation, who constantly sends links to videos with the subject “you have to hear this!” I have close to a terabyte of music files on my computer, and am always tinkering with playlists on my phone. When I watch a movie or show, I’m as likely to hit the internet to try and find out what song is playing in a scene as I am to find out where I’ve seen that actress before.

The right music can go a long way to making a road trip more fun, a date more romantic, and the work day more pleasant. I like to crank up the tunes while I’m cleaning the house or cooking dinner.

And of course, you have to dance.

Professionally trained or just an enthusiastic amateur, moving to the music makes it so much…more. April 29 is International Dance Day, so grab a partner (or a wooden chair) and hit the floor to see our collection of Dance mugs!

1. A Moving Experience

Grace, power, coordination…watching professional dancers adds a whole new level to music.

2. Toe-Tapping

Throwing yourself around a dance floor is a great way to work off nervousness, anger, boredom, and more.

3. A Challenger Appears!

On a national scale, it would sure cut down on the defense budgets.

4. Attitude

Ballet is what most people think about when they picture a professional dance troupe, but every musical genre has its specialists.

5. Got the Fever

Sometimes nothing else will do but to put on your favorite album, turn up the volume, and dance like no one’s watching.

This is just a sampling of the dance mugs we have available. Hit the link to see more. Buying for a troupe? Remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!