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Let’s Book

I started reading when I was three or four, and I’ve never stopped. Fantasy, Biography, How-To, Science Fiction, Classic... there’s always something new to learn and neat ideas to explore. Before e-readers were a thing, I was one of those people that had stacks of books all over the house, and I always carried one with me. Stuck in a waiting room? Read a book. Six-hour flight? Read a book. Long weekend? Read two books.

My first part-time job was at a bookstore. I would usually end up handing over my entire paycheck each week because I’d found so many books I wanted to buy. It was a lot of fun helping customers discover new authors or track down old favorites.

When my kids were little, we would go to the library twice a month. I would help them find books on things they were interested in, and our daily household schedule included reading time. They’re teenagers now, so the internet gets most of their attention, but I still find books on their nightstands or at their desks.

March 2 is National Read Across America Day. That’s a Saturday, so ask your local librarian to recommend a good book, settle down with a cup of coffee, and relax!

1. Piloting the Couch

Ancient Rome, Jupiter’s moons, top-secret governmental installations. You can go anywhere with a book.

2. Strata

I recently purged my bookshelves because I have so many e-books now. I filled three 60-gallon containers and still have to double stack on each shelf.

3. Serious Business

It goes way beyond the Dewey Decimal System. Curating collections and meeting local demand is a balancing act.

4. Multi-Purpose

When I moved into my current house, I put shelves on the walls instead of pictures. Each one has a few books on a specific topic, with some related objects next to them. It’s more interesting than a flat, static picture, and I swap them out occasionally to keep it fresh.

5. Context is Key

There’s a lot of bad information out there. Your local librarian can help you find the good stuff.

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