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Let’s Eat!

It may not be summer according to the calendar, but the temperatures outside are already climbing into that territory. With good weather comes barbecues and picnics, and the opportunity to buy fresh fruits and veggies from the local markets.

If you have a garden, you already know how much work it takes to grow enough for your family and a few friends. Now imagine what goes into growing enough to feed hundreds or thousands of people, and you’ve got a rough idea of what farming is like. Oh sure, machinery helps, but someone still has to get up early to run it, not to mention fixing it if it breaks down.

So the next time you’re snapping beans, slicing watermelon, or biting into a juicy cucumber that was still growing just that morning, take a moment to thank the folks who make it possible with one of our great farmer mugs!

1. Sweat Equity

It’s hard work, with lots of opportunities to hurt yourself, but a bone-deep satisfaction in pulling it off, too.

2. Equal, but more important

Yes, everyone has something to contribute to society, but no one’s getting anything done if they don’t have anything to eat.

3. Not Glamorous

No one farms to get super wealthy. They do it because they have a talent for it and love the results.

4. As a matter of fact…

One of my great uncles was a farmer. Whenever we’d visit over the summer, we were all expected to pitch in with chores. We kids loved playing in the barn, and didn’t even mind mucking out the horse stalls.

5. A Little Distracted

If you weren’t raised in a farming family, marrying into one, and discovering how much time it really demands, can be a bit of a shock. Even winters are spent preparing for the next planting.

6. A+

I don’t really have anything to add; I just love puns.

7. What’s for Dinner?

Even if you never cook, the restaurants you visit get their food from someone. And you can always tell when it’s been locally-sourced. Find out from whom and show your appreciation.

8. That’s Doctor Farmer, to you

It is astonishing how many variables have to be taken into consideration for planting, growing, controlling pests, increasing yields, breeding traits in and out, etc. Whether or not it rains enough is just the smallest tip of it all.

These are just some of the great farming mugs we have available. Remember, we can also customize a mug for your favorite agricultural expert, too!