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Lighter than Air

There’s a hot air balloon festival every year about an hour away from me. I’ve taken my kids a couple of times, and it’s always a lot of fun. None of us have been brave enough to schedule an overland ride in one, though. I have no problems with heights, and I enjoy air travel, but it seems like there’s more than a little “hope” involved in ballooning. You hope the weather stays nice; you hope the winds will cooperate; you hope there’s a good spot to land; you hope the chase vehicle will be able to keep up with you.

Maybe if I knew more about how they find the winds they need in order to steer, protect against lightning, and deal with emergencies, I’d be more willing. Until then, if I want a balloon-eye view of a landscape, I’ll watch YouTube videos at my desk, where gravity knows right where to find me.

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1. Legally

I guess it follows that “crashing” would have an entirely different meaning, too.

2. In the Genes

Everybody has their passion.

3. Allowed Topic

Everything else is secondary.

4. Cheaper than Aircraft Fuel

You definitely want the guy in charge to be fully awake and aware.

5. Essentials

You do the first two so you can do the third.

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