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Like No One’s Watching

The Foxtrot, the Waltz, the Lindy Hop, the Macarena… dances come and go. I was born right before the disco craze swept the world, and was a teenager when breakdancing was everywhere. July 30th is National Dance Day, so get out there and move!

Dances can be worldwide, regional, or even cultural. Half of my family is from the Appalachian Mountains, where the favored dance is clogging. The other half is from the mid-Atlantic beaches, and the dance there is called shagging (much to the amusement of my UK friends). There are several video game franchises that assign points depending on how well the players carry out complicated dance choreography.

For most of us, though, dancing is just a matter of going out to a good club with our favorite music, and getting out on the floor and moving. It’s a way to spend time with friends (or folks we want to get friendly with), blow off some steam, and have a fun night out.

If this is your idea of a perfect weekend, or you’re into more formalized dancing such as ballet or tap, grab one of our awesome dance mugs!

1. 1-2-3-Go!

I bet more people would pay attention to politics and diplomacy if favorable trade agreements were dependent on who could boogie the best.

2. All You Need

As those of us in the 80s learned from Footloose, dancing solves everything.

3. Kinetic Sculpture

Art is subjective, so whether you’re swept up by a perfect pas de deux or amazed by some intricate pop-n-lock, that’s the power of good dancing.

4. Just Because

Past the beats and the coordinated steps, dancing is just another way to exercise, and that means endorphins. Trophies, too, if you’re lucky.

5. No PhD Required

Don’t keep all that negativity and frustration bottled up. All you need is the right music and a little bit of floor space.

6. Working Hard

According to research, sometimes the best way to get past a problem or mental block is to step back and do something physical for a while. Dancing is a great way to get the thoughts flowing again.

This is just a small selection of the dance mugs we have available. Remember, we can customize any mug, too!