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Llama Mama

Llamas have been domesticated for at least 5000 years. They contribute fertilizer, wool, and meat, as well as acting as beasts of burden and in some instances, guards for other livestock. It is credibly suggested that the Incan Empire’s expansion was due to its use of llamas.

Llamas are still important contributors to the South American economy, particularly in Peru. North Americans occasionally turn llama farming into a fad, but for the most part, they are housed in zoos. Petting zoos in particular favor llamas because they are quiet, social, and gentle. Despite their reputation, they don’t often spit on people, just other herd members.

December 9 is National Llama Day, so if you’re a fan of these furry beasts, we have llama mugs for you!

1. Easy Does It

Show everyone that you’re as helpful as these multipurpose animals.

2. Take Note

As if you need a reminder.

3. Smile!

Llamas will invite other herd members to be in the picture. That’s not actually true, but it would be cool.

4. Conspiracies

Don’t believe anything those alpacas tell you. They’re just jealous.

5. Relax

Like a llama, you should stay laid back and friendly. The occasional scuffle is okay, though.

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