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Lost in the Stacks

A friend of mine was astounded recently when I told her I was re-reading a book series. She didn’t understand why anyone would, since you already knew the story. I explained that in this particular case, it was because the author was about to release a new book in the series, and I wanted to refresh myself on some of the details.

Beyond that, though, there are many reasons to go back and revisit your favorite books. It might be good descriptions, or some great dialogue; really memorable characters, or fun action scenes. Some series are so sprawling that it’s impossible to mine everything in one read. Others are just comfortable and familiar, like a favorite t-shirt.

August 9 is Book Lover’s Day, so curl up with a new book—or an old favorite—and one of our Book Lover mugs!

1. Don’t Come Knocking

This was my binge-watching growing up (and still is, on occasion): a stack of books next to me and a whole weekend to myself.

2. Shhh

Barring threats to life or limb, there’s never a good reason for raising your voice in a library.

3. Service with a Smile

Your local librarians work hard to provide books, movies, reference materials, archives, etc. Help keep them going with this mug.

4. Reach for It

I’ve always wanted a library with shelves so tall you need one of those ladders on wheels.

5. No Paywalls

Much of the good information online is locked behind subscription sites. Your librarian can find it for you elsewhere.

These are just a few of the Librarian mugs we carry. Have a lot of readers to buy for? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!