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Love is in the Air

And on the calendar! Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away, so if you haven’t gotten that special someone something special, you’d better hurry!

Fortunately, we have a huge number of mugs that are sure to please your SO. Check out some of our best sellers!

1. Espress-o Your Love

A good relationship is founded on common likes. Share sips of your favorite beverage with your favorite person.

2. Short, but comprehensive

If he/she complains, explain that the full list wouldn’t fit on one mug. Note: It would probably be best to have a list handy.

3. Affirmation

Through good and bad, thick and thin; let her know you’d pick her again. Also available for Husbands.

4. You’re the corpus I’d like to habeas

It’s always handy if that’s the same person.

5. A Dose of Romance

Warning: This person may be addictive. If symptoms persist, count yourself lucky!

6. Make your own “Love Doctor” joke here

A good relationship is like a good medical career. They both require lots of practice and lots of patients.

7. Two-Player Epic Quest

There’s a reason so many video games use a heart to represent life and health. Your game buddy will love this color-changing mug.

8. #Bae

A great choice for the one that literally leaves you speechless.

9. Show off the Ring

If it’s time to move your relationship to the next stage, this Engagement mug will help you spread the good news!

10. A marathon, not a sprint

Part of the fun of having a significant other is doing little things for them every day, not just on special occasions. Our coffee art tools will let you craft cute reminders that you think they’re pretty neat.

You can find other great romantic mugs here, but if you want to celebrate their favorite hobby, profession, or cause, the full list of our mugs is here.

Hey, you know what would be really romantic? A mug customized with a picture, name, favorite quote or private joke. Order yours here!