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Make the Best of It

There’s another celebration on April 1, and I’m not fooling. That day is also International Fun at Work Day!

I can hear the cheers and clapping from here. Okay… now I’m fooling.

So much of our lives is spent thinking about, doing, commuting to and from, or looking for, work. We tend to be defined by our jobs (at least, for other people). Meet a new person, and the first question is probably going to be “What do you do?” When we talk about our friends to others, we give their job title.

If you enjoy your job, that’s great! You are most likely already having fun at work. If you’re staring at a cubicle wall while middle management creates new procedures that keep you from working efficiently, you’re probably just biding your time until you can go home again. This day’s for you.

When we’re having fun, we get more productive and time moves faster. Both of these are good things at the office. Here are some suggestions:

1. Get Up and Move

When the walls start closing in, get up and take a short walk. It refreshes you, relieves boredom, cools you down if you’re mad, and is generally good for your health.

2. Camaraderie

Create a group that regularly goes to pubs or restaurants together. Try not to talk about work.

3. Intramural Teams

Form teams within the company that regularly compete. Fantasy leagues count. Try not to talk about work.

4. Vacation

Yes, it’s not technically at work, but you can come back to the office recharged.

5. Laugh

At the very least, try to find something to laugh at with your coworkers every day. A funny cartoon, movie, or stand-up routine is just an internet search away.

I’m sure you can think of other ways you can make work more pleasant. And we probably have a mug for it! Check out our home page. Want to buy for your workmates, too? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping! You’ll save enough money to buy a lot of rubber bands for the next office “war.”