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May the Fourth Be With You

Those of us of a certain age remember when Star Wars came out. It had everything: a princess, a lovable rogue, robots, alien beasties, lasers and swords, an evil empire, explosions… Man, what a ride. And the toys! If you want to drive a Gen-Xer into heavy nostalgia, mention the Kenner blister packs, or the Millennium Falcon toy, or the Death Star playset. I still have a number of the original figures stored in the attic somewhere, and they’re about as battle scarred as the characters were.

Star Wars has always held a huge place in pop culture. Trekkers claim to have as large a fandom, but they don’t have an officially-recognized religion (Jedi), an entire theme park (Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge), or a whole day dedicated to it.

May the Fourth is Star Wars Day, and if you’re one of the original fanboys (and girls!), or one of the younger generation of geeks, we have Star Wars mugs for you!

1. Order for FN-2187!

They can’t aim, but they can hold your favorite latte or cappuccino.

2. I find your lack of coffee disturbing

Enjoy your morning brew with everyone’s favorite bad guy.

3. I think we’re a clone now

This stormtrooper mug comes with a handy lid, so you won’t spill your drink if you hit your head on a blast door.

4. Do or do not

Either way, let me have my coffee first.

5. No, I am your java.

This fearsome mug will have your enemies cowering. Or maybe at least make them leave you alone while you enjoy it.

Before you start the day on the moisture farm, attempt the Kessel run, or crush another star system, have a cup of your favorite beverage in one of our Star Wars mugs! Have a whole band of rebels to buy for? U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!