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Mixing It Up

Back in the days of my youth, if you liked someone, you would probably make them a mix tape. Now, anyone could just throw some songs on the nearest blank and call it done, but a proper mix tape takes planning. You have to have a common theme or an obvious progression, proper fade-ins and -outs between the songs, and a cool custom cover. The true mix-tape professional would try to find songs that used the name of their crush, and always included a couple of random tunes that had nothing to do with the theme. This way, if their advances were rejected, they could claim it was just a tape of good songs and nothing more.

The digital age has made all of this so much easier. Now you can grab dozens of files and build a mix without having to hunt down physical media. And I think most music streaming services offer curated playlists for just about any occasion you can imagine. It doesn’t make rejection any easier, but what does?

February 3 has been a special day for music lovers, particularly of early rock-n-roll, since 1959, when a plane crash killed three popular artists. If you know someone in a band, or if you just like singing along to your favorites in the shower, have a look at some of the music mugs we offer!

1. Keep a Lid on It

These musical mugs come with a fun keyboard lid and eighth note handle.

2. Bows and Beans

This violin mug is just one of the instrument mugs we offer, so if you’re getting the band back together, check them all out.

3. You Can’t Tuna Friend

Wait. That’s not how that joke goes. Regardless, the guitar gets top billing.

4. Beats Me

I’m half convinced that drummers make up terms just to see what people will believe. Like a paradiddle is an actual thing. Sure it is.

5. Ugh

It might be theory; it might be composition. Whichever, studying in depth can suck all of the fun out of something.

That’s a short list featuring some of our fun music mugs. If you’re looking for a specific instrument, you can use the search tools on our home page. And remember, U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping. That’s something to sing about!