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Mixing, Milling, & Filling

Have you ever thought about how much knowledge your pharmacist has to carry around? Or how precise they have to be with every single order? If I make a mistake at work, no one will die. Probably. Sure, counting and filling machinery helps, but it’s still up to them to sign off on it. That’s a lot of pressure on one person, so be especially patient with them. Even better, get them a gift! October is American Pharmacist Month, so have a look at our Pharmacist mugs!

1. License to Pill

It’s the schooling that makes all the difference.

2. Just Saying

You should really be nice to everybody, but especially to your doctor, lawyer, and pharmacist.

3. It means “drop”

Because pop culture references in Latin are kind of awesome.

4. Foreign Language

Prescription names get complicated quickly. This is why your pharmacist has a computerized record.

5. What the Doctor Ordered

It’s the prescription anybody can fill right at home.

This is just a fraction of all the Pharmacist mugs we stock. Need more than one? Remember that U.S. orders of two or more get free shipping!