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Model Building

I took Interior Design classes in college. Not only did we draw plans, we also built scale models. I remember long nights in the lab with my classmates, all of us with stacks of ¼” foam-core board, trying to get the walls to stand straight and the corner joins lined up. CAD wasn’t as prevalent then, so a model was the best way to show spatial relationships. I have to say, it was probably my favorite part of the curriculum.

There’s something very satisfying in creating a model, in taking the time to get the details right and the decorative finishes perfect. Very few of us have the space or resources to play with trains or rockets at full scale, so it’s the way we connect with the romanticism or excitement of whatever area has sparked our interest.

If you know someone that spends their free time recreating train runs, cityscapes, battlefields, or some other to-scale scene, give them one of our great Model building mugs!

1. Shout Out

Never let anyone else disparage your hobbies. Model building requires patience, attention to detail, and commitment, all excellent character traits.

2. To each his own

For less than the cost of one session, I can get a dining car, locomotive, or other rolling stock. That’s good value.

3. Geek Chic

One under-appreciated facet of model building is that it scales up and down, so if you want to have a coffee table that looks like that cool Sci-Fi spaceship, you can.

4. I can quit any time

There are worse things to spend all of your time and money on. My opinion is that if it keeps me out of trouble, it’s probably all right.

5. Size Matters

Model builders love to get into arguments about which scale is best. These can get violent, but the upside is that getting hit with a teeny-tiny bar stool doesn’t hurt.

These are just a few of our model building mugs. And remember, you can always customize a mug for your favorite hobbyist.