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Mother’s Day 2019

“How’s your Mama?”

If you ever travel through the American south, chances are good that you’ll hear that question. We, as a culture, tend to put women in general on pedestals, but mothers are especially elevated. They arrange our social schedules, cook the food for parties and reunions, make sure we get places on time, and keep everyone’s clothes and home clean. Nobody makes fried chicken or chocolate chip cookies better than your mom (unless it’s her mom), and she always has plenty of hugs to give away.

I grew up before cell phones were a thing, and all of the neighborhood mothers had each other’s numbers taped up on the wall. No matter where my friends and I were, someone’s mom was nearby to pass on messages, fix a snack, or take care of kid emergencies such as skinned knees. With the Mom Network in full-on operational mode, we probably didn’t get away with as much as we thought we did. I know we didn’t appreciate it as much as we should have.

May 12 is Mother’s Day, that day we celebrate all things maternal. She does a lot for the family, so make sure she knows you’re grateful. Take a look at some of our Mother’s Day mugs!

1. Wisdom

Moms always have good advice, but sometimes we have to learn for ourselves.

2. Best Mom Ever

When you have a good one, you know. Make sure she does, too.

3. Mom is the Map

My mom always knew where my stuff was. Probably because she picked it up from wherever I had dropped it and put it where it belonged. Thanks, Mom. Sorry, Mom.

4. Good Job, Mom!

Yeah, you’re awesome and you know it. Thank the one responsible.

5. Who needs Alexa?

An electronic assistant won’t put your artwork on the refrigerator or fix soup when you’re sick.

These are just a few of the Mother’s Day mugs we carry. We also have mugs for your Mom’s job or hobby (just search from our home page). Or get her a personalized mug with her name or initial!