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Mutt Day

Depending on which Canine Organization you ask, there are somewhere between 167 and 340 different breeds of dogs. Competitions award prizes based on how closely a certain dog conforms to its breed’s ideal characteristics, and people love to argue about which breed is best for hunting or for families.

At the end of the day, though, a dog is a dog is a dog, and breed doesn’t really matter if all you want is companionship and love. I had several dogs growing up, all shelter rescues, and each of them was what my mom called a “mostly.” This one was mostly collie, that one was mostly elkhound, those over there mostly setter or shepherd.

July 31st is Mutt Day, a day to celebrate all of those pooches that are never going to win awards for Best of Breed, or come with inch-thick documentation of their bloodlines, but who, nevertheless, are perfect for walks, chasing balls, and curling up at your feet. Check out some of our great dog mugs!

1. Apply As Needed

The tendency for abuse aside, I like that Emotional Support Animals are a recognized thing now. Dog owners have known that for approximately 10,000 years.

2. Unconditional

The best thing about having dogs is that they act just as excited to see you whether you’ve been gone all day or just ten minutes.

3. Safe Space

The dog is a part of the family. You’re just a temporary visitor.

4. Last Resort

It’s nice when there’s someone in your life that has no ulterior motives or complicated demands.

5. Judgment Call

Sure, some breeds have a bad reputation, but again, it’s family versus a stranger’s opinion.

This is just a very small sample of all of the dog mugs we have available. For you purists out there, we do carry mugs about specific breeds, just type in your favorite in our search bar here. We’re always adding new breeds to our stock, but if you can’t wait, we can make a custom mug just for you and your four-legged friend!