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My job involves a lot of sitting, and I am ***cough*** years old, so I get creaky after a while. I started doing light yoga a couple of years ago to stay flexible, but the benefits went way beyond that. I was sleeping better, more relaxed in general, and I can now scratch itches anywhere on my back. It was slow going at first—the woman on the instructional video was tying herself into pretzels while I was straining to reach my toes—but I stuck with it and it paid off.

International Yoga Day is June 21, so before you roll out your mat for your next class, pick up one of our great Yoga mugs!

1. Anger Management

Yoga must have been designed by a mom. There’s a lot of “take deep breaths” and “count to ten,” which comes in handy when the rest of the world intervenes.

2. One with Everything

I’ve never been one to just sit quietly and contemplate life, but yoga helps me slow down my thoughts long enough to sort them, at least.

3. We’re on a schedule here!

I have “relaxation” penciled in from 9:30 to 10:00. Let’s go!

4. I call this one “broken tiger”

I once confused my yoga bookmarks with my kung fu theater bookmarks. I was halfway into the “drunken monkey” pose when I fell over.

5. But in a good way

If she gets really good at it, you can put her in a carry-on and save money on airline tickets.

6. Going to the mat

To mix aphorisms, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with twelve steps.”

7. Gonna hit the gym again

Why no, it has nothing to do with all of these attractive young ladies contorting all about the place.

8. Flaunt it!

There’s a reason I stick to instructional videos at home, as I am the complete opposite of this. You’re welcome, rest of the world!

These are just a few of the yoga mugs we have available. They make great gifts for instructors and aficionados, or pick one up for yourself for daily encouragement! And remember, you can have any mug customized!