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National Hobby Month

If you have an indoor hobby, winter is a great time to indulge in it. It’s cold outside, travel might be restricted because of snow or ice, and there’s too little daylight. It’s nice to retreat to your hobby space and forget about the outside world for a while.

Even if you have a warm-weather hobby, you can spend the winter repairing or replacing equipment, researching new groups and locations, or building up your bank account to be ready when the temperatures start climbing again.

Practically anything can be a hobby, but it usually involves collecting or creating something. If you get lucky, you might even parlay it into another revenue stream. A friend of mine started knitting in order to quit smoking, and now she makes an extra $10k/year or so from custom orders. Another acquaintance turned fooling around with graphic design into a $100k/year business providing templates for iron-on transfers and Cricut machines.

Whatever your hobby, we probably have a mug for it! January is National Hobby Month, so take a look at some of our best-sellers!

1. Jingle all the way

Whether you’re just trying to amass a collection from all over the world, or holding out for that 1913 Liberty Head nickel, coin collecting is a very popular hobby.

2. On the Hoof

For some, it’s a form of grocery shopping. For others, an enjoyable time out with friends. Either way, as the mug says, it’s a very practical skill.

3. Border Crossing

Not the cheapest hobby, but one of my favorites. What I’ve learned from travelling is that there’s no single “correct” culture, people are the same everywhere, and there’s an amazing amount of good food out there.

4. Ping

The two things required for serious metal detecting are patience and good research. Otherwise, you’ll never find that gold hoard from the shipwreck.

5. Crafty

I’m most envious of skilled carpenters. I can do the (very) basics. It’s serviceable but far from pretty.

6. Tangled Skeins

One of the most portable hobbies, with a history going back thousands of years.

7. Working on the railroad

Or the spaceship. Or the airplane. Or the cathedral. Or…

8. Warp and Weft

Another hobby with an ancient pedigree. Not as portable as knitting, perhaps, but the results are just as practical.

9. The Thrill of the Drill

Woodworking, metalworking, restoring cars... It’s all so much easier with electricity.

10. Pedal to the Metal

I make custom messenger bags, backpacks, and weekender cases. My eldest is going to be very surprised on her first trip home from college to find that her bedroom has turned into a sewing center.

These are just a few of the hobby mugs we offer. Follow the link for a more in-depth look at our specific collections. Have a hobbyist group? You get free shipping in the U.S. with orders of two or more mugs!