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National Internet Day


That’s the first message ever sent on the internet. Oh, they claim it was supposed to be “LOGIN,” but I’m pretty sure it was going to be “LOL.” (Not really.) That message was sent through ARPANET, the granddaddy of the modern internet, on October 29, 1969. And here we are, fifty years later, ordering cool stuff online and watching cat videos.

Like it or hate it, you can’t deny that the internet is arguably the invention with the most worldwide impact of the 20th century. October 29 is National Internet Day, so thank your favorite web designer or tech support guru with one of our great developer and programmer mugs!


Everybody’s favorite Task Manager shortcut is now available as a coffee service for three!

2. Blame the legacy code

Having worked in software, I can attest that this is the reason Beta users are so important.

3. Hack the Planet!

So much of the modern world is computerized, I’m kind of surprised no one’s managed to break it yet.

4. If-Then-Else

If only users were as simple to reason with. This is why programmers need lots of caffeine.

5. Warning

If you don’t know your keyboard shortcuts, this is the one for “Cut.” Just don’t mess with the computer, okay?

These are just a few of the awesome computer mugs we offer. Remember: U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!