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Never Stop Questioning

A lot of discoveries were actually accidents. X-rays, penicillin, super glue, even Play-doh and corn flakes. Obviously, someone had to follow up and determine new applications, but the point remains. That’s the science we usually hear about. The years-long slogs to perfect a medicine, a new synthetic, a new breed of plant, or the decades it can take to work out a mathematical or physics question are not exciting. And usually not of interest to anyone outside of the field. Have you ever read a technical journal?

Fortunately, we do have people that can focus on tiny details for a long time. The people that constantly ask Why? and How? and What if? It’s pretty easy to see how far we’ve progressed because of these people.

November 10 is World Science Day, and we have mugs for a lot of different fields. Take a look below for examples!

1. Medical Science

It’s the reason our life expectancy keeps growing. Be thankful for anesthesia if nothing else.

2. Chemistry

It improves everything from medicine to building materials to clothing to toys to batteries to...

3. Math

Precise equations can assist in determining how something works and the best way to apply it.

4. Computer Science

Computers keep getting faster and smarter. Storage keeps getting bigger and cheaper. And don’t forget the literal billions of web pages and apps.

5. Engineering

If you need it to stay up, or be extremely precise, or more efficient, call an engineer.

This is just a small sample of the different science mugs we stock. You can do a specific search from our home page or check out our collection of My Degree mugs for more extensive results. As always, remember that U.S. orders of two or more mugs get free shipping!