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New for Christmas 2017: Best Horse Mugs!

It’s a stereotype: “I want a pony for Christmas!” Maybe you were one of the lucky ones to actually get a horse of your own, maybe friends or family let you ride theirs, or maybe you took lessons at a local stable. Either way, you know the thrill of racing along the track or trail, feeling the power of the animal below you. It’s pretty addicting.

Sure, there’s a lot of maintenance for a horse—more, probably, than you have to do for your car—but equestrians do it cheerfully. It’s all part of the package: take care of the horse, and the horse will take care of you.

If you or someone you know loves to ride, one of our Horse Mugs makes a great Christmas gift!

1. In a galaxy close to home…

If Luke had been riding a horse instead of a tauntaun, he probably wouldn’t have needed rescuing on Hoth. Just sayin’.

2. Don’t Listen to the Neigh-sayers

It’s that maintenance I mentioned. And it’s worth every sore muscle.

3. So Many to See!

You’ll definitely want to carry your coffee with you.

4. Coffee is a Poor Substitute

But it keeps me from hurting my coworkers’ feelings.

5. Triple Crown

I only go to the Kentucky Derby to see the hats. After a mint julep or six, they start to look fashionable.

6. Just FYI

Don’t forget that the horse is a weapon, too. Can you imagine what it would have been like to face the first mounted cavalry?

7. It’s a short list.

They are my tack supplier, my feed supplier, and the guy that owns the stables.

8. Better than that “Wildfire” song

It’s actually kind of surprising how often horses turn up in song lyrics. Even outside of Country and Western.

9. Instructions

The horse, understand, may have different ideas. Good luck!

10. Yippee ki yay!

The messy part of stealing horses is having to camouflage them afterwards. They always kick the paint can over.

This is just a short selection of the different Horse Mugs we offer. If you need a mug to celebrate certain competitive events, or want a picture of your favorite filly on your mug, you can always Customize one!