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New for Christmas 2017: Best Martial Arts Mugs!

When I was in college, I belonged to a judo club. It was a great way to stay fit, keep energized, and put all of my friends on the floor real hard. I enjoyed my time there, but life and jobs and responsibilities got in the way, and I stopped going. After the kids came along, I ended up with a black belt in martial arts and crafts. I now know several ways to disable an opponent with a macaroni necklace.

If you or someone you know is a practitioner of one of these fighting systems, our awesome Martial Arts mugs make great gifts!

1. Hands Off!

One of the managers at my part-time job taught Aikido. He was always happy to demonstrate a joint lock or two if you mouthed off.

2. Black and Blue Belt

You can claim you’re bruised up because you lost a match. They don’t have to know it was against a door.

3. Apply directly to…

That must be the superiority of Eastern Medicine that I always hear about.

4. Discipline

Work, Eat, Dojo. Repeat as necessary.

5. It’s like OCD, but punchier

Now that I’m older, the closest I get to this is putting that Carl Lewis song on Repeat.

6. Refer to #1

Or if you do make me, let me get my phone out first so I can post it to YouTube.

7. Not a good pickup line

There are actually twelve of them in this picture.

8. Again?!

Puns like this started a lot of fights in my dojo. Yes, against me.

This is just a sample of the great Martial Arts mugs we have in stock. And remember, you can always Customize a mug with your name, championship record, dojo, or discipline!